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The NeuroLINCS Center is an NIH-funded collaborative effort between various research groups with expertise in iPSC technology, disease modeling, OMICS methods, and computational biology. This data and signature generation center focuses on human brain cells to understand the causes of neurological disease and to develop new therapies.

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The NeuroLINCS Center creates a wealth of cellular data that is patient-specific in the context of their baseline genetic perturbations and in the presence of other environmental stressors. Motor neurons are produced from iPSC technologies and these cells are analyzed using epigenomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and robotic imaging.

Current Progress

Cell Types

iPSCs human induced pluripotent stem cells
iMPs iPSC-derived motor neuron precursor spheres
iMNs iPSC-derived motor neurons (2D)
diMNs direct iPSC-derived motor neurons (short 2D protocol)


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